October 10th
Fort Worth, Tx

November 27th
Brownsville, Tx
Jacob Brown Auditorium with Felipe Esparza and Rodrigo Torres

November 28th
McAllen, Tx
McAllen Civic Auditorium with Felipe Esparza and Rodrigo Torres

December 5th
Corporate Holiday Party
Arlington, Tx

December 12th
Private Show
Plano, Tx

December 16th
Dallas Baptist University Holiday Banquet
Dallas, Tx

December 19th
Corporate Holiday Party
Atlanta, Ga

January 28-31
Atlanta Punchline w/ Felipe Esparza
Atlanta, GA

February 5-6
Stables Casino
Miami, OK

February 25-28
Hilarities 4th Street Theatre w/ Felipe Esparza
Cleveland, OK

March 4th
Backdoor Comedy Club
Dallas, TX

March 17-20
Tampa Improv
Tampa, FL

March 28th
Venue Shrine (Headline)
Tulsa, OK

April 6-10
El Paso Comic Strip
El Paso, TX

April 15-16
The Comedy Zone
Greensboro, NC

April 20th
Inn of The Mountain Gods Casino
Mescalero, NM

April 21st
Santa Ana Star Casino
Santa Ana, NM

April 30th
Flippin, AR (Headline)

... more dates to come. BTW, If I'm NOT in your area...call your local comedy club and DEMAND an explanation!!!

See ya soon!

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Keith Manning's Biography


A Distinguished Gentleman...

Comedian Keith Manning has had to fight hard to achieve success. When it comes to his comedy all gloves are off!
The Savannah, Georgia native is a brilliant combination of Southern charm and rapier edge.
One of seven children in a single parent home, Manning's survival instinct kicked in early and intensifies with every passing day. Keith's unassuming demeanor masks a mind that churns with machine-like precision.
A distinguished education from Shaw University and a Presidential Scholarship earned him a Bachelor of Science in Biology, and minor in Theatre Arts; further building blocks of his amazingly developed comedic and personal psychology.

There's purpose behind every joke; his meaningful life experiences with relationships, class structure, and family set the tone for every hard hitting, carefully crafted and unquestionably hysterical set.

Keith is one of few comics whose love of the art dictates his powerful drive. He performs to show respect and appreciation for the sweeping reach of quality comedy. He conceives original, edgy, unapologetic material to sharpen his skills and delight his audience. The overwhelming response after every show is a bonus.

A testament to his versatility, Manning culls his early inspiration from an unlikely but highly reputable source. The consummate professional studied every comedic aspect of the talented Lucille Ball from an early age. His love of comedy was shaped by afternoons of donuts and episodes of "I love Lucy"; a ritual that helped him cultivate his understanding and command of the mechanics and nuances of stand-up. Bill Cosby, George Carlin, Robin Williams and Richard Pryor served to etch out an adaptability and creativity few , other than Manning, will ever master.

This student of comedy and life possesses a keen sense of observation and strong ties to family and friends. Under a tough exterior beats a generous soul. Keith has bought this dichotomy to sold-out comedy clubs, prestigious festivals and renowned stages across the nation, including the famed Houston Improv. Manning's career is an upward trajectory toward limitless success. Hang on tight and enjoy the journey. It promises to be a wild ride.

Catch Keith touring Colleges, Comedy Clubs and Festivals States. His writing has been recognized at the "48 Hour Film Competition, Houston, 2006" for the multiple award winning short-film, "Scripted". He is currently a writer with the Comedy Sketch Group, The Dead Beat Club.

If you'd like to Book Keith for a show or public appearance- please click here to go to the CONTACT page.