October 10th
Fort Worth, Tx

November 27th
Brownsville, Tx
Jacob Brown Auditorium with Felipe Esparza and Rodrigo Torres

November 28th
McAllen, Tx
McAllen Civic Auditorium with Felipe Esparza and Rodrigo Torres

December 5th
Corporate Holiday Party
Arlington, Tx

December 12th
Private Show
Plano, Tx

December 16th
Dallas Baptist University Holiday Banquet
Dallas, Tx

December 19th
Corporate Holiday Party
Atlanta, Ga

January 28-31
Atlanta Punchline w/ Felipe Esparza
Atlanta, GA

February 5-6
Stables Casino
Miami, OK

February 25-28
Hilarities 4th Street Theatre w/ Felipe Esparza
Cleveland, OK

March 4th
Backdoor Comedy Club
Dallas, TX

March 17-20
Tampa Improv
Tampa, FL

March 28th
Venue Shrine (Headline)
Tulsa, OK

April 6-10
El Paso Comic Strip
El Paso, TX

April 15-16
The Comedy Zone
Greensboro, NC

April 20th
Inn of The Mountain Gods Casino
Mescalero, NM

April 21st
Santa Ana Star Casino
Santa Ana, NM

April 30th
Flippin, AR (Headline)

... more dates to come. BTW, If I'm NOT in your area...call your local comedy club and DEMAND an explanation!!!

See ya soon!

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